Spatial Amber

During the summer of 2021, Nigel began his journey into the world of Blender. Fascinated by the possibilities of 3D modeling and animation, he gradually learned about the various techniques in this field.

After a few months, he couldn’t resist connecting various things in his imagination.

As a photographer, he sought a method to convert the two-dimensional medium of photography into 3D.During his research, he discovered the process of Photogrammetry, which involves extracting 3D information from a group of photos.

Nigel then took six photos of his own head and used software within Blender to create a 3D render.

Surprised by the success of the result, he started working with the 3D model.

The idea of printing a sculpture quickly transformed into a concept for something more wearable, like a piece of jewelry. After much trial and error, he arrived at the concept of a ring in which his face is sunk into the band.

Bombastic and flashy were the parameters for the design.

When one commits the quasi-arrogant act of putting their own face on a piece of jewelry, they are not making excuses. My face in your face.” – Nigel Dubois.

The phrase describes a submerged face, a snapshot captured by the physical limitations of the cube surrounding it. Interestingly, this idea may have been subconsciously influenced by the temple complex of Abu Simbel in Egypt, where four statues depict Ramses II at various stages of his life.

i.materialise was chosen for the realization and prototypes of the project.

He will make a mold of the final ring, and then cast copper into it. The finishing will be done using an electrolytic process, in which a thin layer of gold is applied to the outside of the ring.

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